Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Fun Weekend With My Love

Once again I had a blast with Mircea this weekend. He got here early on Friday and we walked on the beach and collected shells before going out to Cabrillo National Monument to take these pictures. The monument was closing so we didn't get to see the sunset, nor did we really get to see the monument, but these are some pictures from the light house and Pt. Loma.

This light house was pretty cool. I wish we could have gone in but it was closed (of course) This picture was taken right before I practically died trying to take a picture of the city and I fell in a little ditch-thank goodness Mircea was there to save me!

The weekend was fairly uneventful, mostly being lazy at the beach and then we also walked around Balboa Park. All of those photos are on Mircea's camera, so I'll update those soon. Not much else to report. The weather here was 80-something today so I spent a little time on the beach and then just holed up in my room to nap. I hate taking Mircea to the airport, but I get to be home with him in 11 days. I love that man!!!"><

As close to the sunset as we could get. I'll take more pictures before I leave, hell I should be doing that right now instead of watching Law and Order in my room while the weather is so beautiful outside!


chantelle said...

Good to hear that you had such a great weekend!

Missy said...

My friend Ashley and I were talking about you this weekend - she reads your blog but doesn't comment... ;)
anyways, we think that Mircea sounds great for you, and it sounds like he really makes you happy!
Beautiful pictures!

Sarah said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! Glad the two of you have fun times; sometimes the non-eventful times together are the best ones.

Adam Hamilton said...

The best memories I've ever had are lost in pictures and I aspire to live a lifetime of happiness creating them.

Great Photos! Thanks for posting on my site.

It sounds like Mircea is a true romantic and he cares for you deeply. Congratulations.

- Adam

mm said...

Beautiful pictures. I want to go to the beach so badly now.