Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Countdown

Just 9 days until I'm home. I'm actually feeling a little guilty for wanting to get back to Maryland because it is so beautiful here and everyone has been so nice, but man, I want to sleep in my own bed and hug those kitties! Traveling for three months has taught me what I really appreciate in life.

  • The front desk at the hotel doesn't need to know who is calling you and when or put your loved ones on hold.
  • I'm sick of feeling guilty for being messy because the maids have to clean it. And I haven't been tipping the maids because it's a different lady every time. I am missing pair of workout pants-maybe one of them tipped themselves.
  • I am sick of not having any "goods" out of the oven. Microwave food is good, but I want to eat some bread or something.
  • Four walls + 3 months = stir crazy
  • Restaurant food is great...every once and awhile. All the time, not so much!
  • Free laundry is a wonderful thing. Well, at least not having to get quarters every time you do a wash is a beautiful thing.

This place is great but I can't wait to be back in MD. I am sure the kitties have forgotten me and have turned all their allegiance to their daddy, but I can't wait to hug those little furballs and kiss their furry little faces! (I'm such a cat lady!)

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Missy said...

I would go nuts being away from home for that long - 1 week is long enough for me!