Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dull Dull Life

Nothing new to report. I've been in boring meetings the last few days. I'm back in the office tomorrow, which should be fun since the boss moved my desk so he could spy on me. He's so weird. I'm a temporary employee at his office and he's so suspicious of me, always asking me if I have security, etc. It's really funny too since I've been with the Gov't for 3 years and have more security than he does and up until he got this promotion we were the same rank (and the guy's been here 20 years) He's super frustrating and I want to poke him in his bald head.

Ok, that's it. I have an appointment with my trainer today and I am not looking forward to it. I think I look pregnant. Actually, it's kind of "funny" as I've been doing the buns and abs exercises the muscles under my belly fat are getting bigger and sticking out my tire...and my bum is moving up and pushing up a tire, so I have this great little life raft around my belly-LOVELY!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


Missy said...

Kate, I love your "dull dull life". You crack me up because you want to poke you boss' bald head.
That is funny.