Monday, November 06, 2006


Ok, I know that no one wants to hear how awesome the Colts are. Oh wait, I do! I just have to do my obligatory sports post so that everyone is aware of how awesome I am at picking sports teams to love. (note the sarcasm. note it.)

First of all, Purdue won on Saturday. Didn't see that one coming, did you? They played Michigan State in chilly East Lansing this weekend. Marc actually went to the game and said although it was a terrible game, we played "the least horribly" so we came out on top. Very nice.

Notre Dame won. BOO!

And now we get to the Colts. I was a little scared, I'm not going to lie about that. My boys are a great team, but this year we've not been trouncing people the way I like to see. Alas, in 30 degree Gillette Stadium, we showed the Patriots, and a haughty Mr. Tom Brady, who was boss. Oh I love to see that pretty boy pouting on the sidelines.

I'm not going to bore you, but it was a great game and the turnovers were great. Well, at least when they were ours!

I do want to note one thing. There was a terrible call for the Patriots on a first down play. There was a huge pile-up and no one could see where the ball was, but the Ref called it "first down" immediatly. Now at this point, don't you say to yourself "well, this guy has a favorite?" I don't mind if someone makes a bad call based on what they see, but when you are just calling it good without getting a visual on it, well, it makes me think that maybe you are not playing fair. Yes we won, but that's not the point. I don't like cheap refs that help out teams. And then, to top it off, since he is the head referee, he has to review the call because the "men upstairs" (akin to the banker on Deal or No Deal, I'm sure) called for the review. Well of course he's not going to correct himself. Erroneous!!

Oh, and here's a letter I'd like to write:

Dear Chevy,

Stop playing your stupid American does "blah blah" commerical with the John Mellancamp song. Just stop it. The first 6 times I heard it I thought it was a Ford commericial, so your marketing isn't working at all. And the song sucks. Sorry Mr. Mellancamp, you may be an Indiana boy, but you were downright annoying last night. Oh, and furthermore, Pink was also annoying. I don't like when you change words to a song to make it about football. Even if you do say "Peyton Manning" in it, it doesn't win me over. You aren't Weird Al. You're just...weird.



Mr. John Mellancamp
Ms. Alecia Moore (Pink)
Mr. Alfred Yankovic (Weird Al)


Sarah said...

They played that song EVERY OTHER DAMN MINUTED. My God it pissed me off--almost as much as that stupid truck that fell through the earth.

Marc said...

That was very thoughtful of you to copy Weird Al. :-)