Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Can Only Assume You Want Fries with That

I read this article on CNN this afternoon. It cracked me up. Well, not exactly. First of all, I have never "done" any sort of drug ever. I just have to laugh at a couple of things here.
  1. Why oh why would you be stupid enough to lace a police officer's hamburger with pot?
  2. Did you think you wouldn't get caught?
  3. Who doesn't feel bad for the regular joe that walks in and actually wishes for pot on their hamburger? That would have made their day...instead it was wasted on an officer of the law.

You can't tell me the King doesn't eat potburgers. Why do you think he's so happy?

Other interesting news today. My friend Murthlyn called me this morning and said "I was a millionaire for 30 minutes." Apparently there was a bank error in her favor from the Navy Federal Credit Union and her account denoted that she had a little over $7M in her checking. Here's my favorite part of the conversation.

M: "So I noticed it looked funny when I checked it this morning."

K: "What did you do?"

M: "I got up and got my glasses to verify."

I'm not sure why it makes me laugh so hard that she saw that it looked like a big number and went up to get her glasses to verify that it was in fact, a huge number. She said that she got into the shower and found it kind of difficult to not be a little giddy, even though she knew the money wasn't hers. By the time she got to work and called the bank they had fixed the error, but she was feeling pretty pumped after that.

And the best news of all...I got a job! Ok, yes, I have a job, but I'm in a program where you are sort of an overpaid apprentice for three years and then you get your final placement in a position within NAVAIR. Well, I decided that I wanted to work in Fleet Readiness Centers, which is the new way that the Navy and Marine Corps are doing their maintenance. I talked with the Admiral in charge of the program and we decided that I'll be a great fit for the team. In fact the words "we'd like you as part of our executive team" were used. I'm very excited about it and feel very fortunate for the opportunity. I'm going to San Diego for three months starting in January and will work with the FRC team somewhat, but when I return in March I'll be working for them full time. I'm so excited!!!! This will be a great program for high visability and promotions shouldn't be an issue either. I'm so excited to be supporting the Fleet so directly too. It looks like my training at AMO school actually meant something!


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Missy said...

Congratulations on the job!
BTW, the king is scary. I do not like him.

Chantelle said...

Congrats on the job! Missy's comment on the king cracked me up...in that pic it kinda looks like he's been smokin' pot =)

Anonymous said...

I knew it would all work out, the almighty has a great plan for all :)

Patty said...

what are we congratulating about? The King spiking someone's burger...that's hilarious!