Monday, November 13, 2006

I Know Where Elton John is on Wednesday Nights

I'm getting really sick of celebrities spouting out their opinions. Unless of course, their opinions don't suck. (Insert sarcastic laughter here.) This gem came out recently from Elton John and it just bugs me.

I just wonder who the heck he thinks he is to say "let's get rid of all religions". I mean, why even say it? Does he think that all of a sudden the world will unite and say "you know what, that Elton John is a damned good singer and a genius as well. Let's stop going to church and just do whatever we feel like". And that begs another question. If we stop having organized religion, isn't it true that we'd have a religion based on a.) He/She (if we're lucky its Elton John) that mandated no religion? or b.) If we have no religion I guess we won't have War anymore and then we'll have a bazillion different opinions anyway. Argh, I'm just frustrated. I'm angry because although I don't really give a crap about organized religion, I think we blow it waaaaay out of proportion. Its not like I go to church and say "you know what, every damned bit of this is perfect and I question none of it." And I doubt others do that as well.

Ok, I'll just stop blathering. I will include these two links, (episode one/episode two)which explain how South Park dealt with this "lack of religion" issue...a full two weeks before Sir Elton brought it up. Makes me wonder if he's a big Trey Parker/Matt Stone fan.

Shutup Elton John. Or at least put your words to music.