Friday, November 17, 2006

But Hunting Season Hasn't Started Yet

I had such an interesting evening last night, which is what always happens when you are really busy and don't have time for any sort of deviation from your plan. Or what I like to call "my life". Driving home from the gym on Thursday night I was rocking out in my car and all of a sudden felt/heard a BOOM. Sadly, the first thought that went through my head was "I have hit a person!" Luckily, I have an over active imagination. I looked to the side of my car (as I couldn't stop as I had someone right on my bumper) and saw a big buck writhing around and then run back across the street where he came from. Let's take a moment to note that I was on the Navy base. Let's take another moment to note that I live way out in the country on the river in the woods, see at least 5 deer a day and not one of them has ever run into my car. I had a fair amount of damage, but luckily my airbags didn't deploy so my car is driveable. There is a big snafu with the rental car as I'm going on travel to California tomorrow, but it will all work out with very little out of pocket expense for me, and I can handle that. I thought I'd attach a couple of pictures of the damage, so you can feel sorry for my precious car, which I had been considering selling as it was in perfect condition and I'd actually profit if I sold it now. Damn Bambi's daddy... messing up my plans. And I feel pretty bad because I'm such an animal lover that I feel guilty.

Other than that I'm pretty pumped. I am leaving early tomorrow morning for California and I'm so excited about spending time with Lindsay, Dan and Draigan. Woohoo!! I really need a break too, as I've been stressing myself out with stupid things lately and I need to purge that bad stuff from my brain. And the weather is going to be nice so there is plenty of running in my future!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!


Anonymous said...

ack--your poor car! Hope all is well, otherwise...