Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting it Back Together

I have totally let myself go in the past few months. I mean, with weight, exercise, even my skin. I am pulling myself up out of the dumps (that I created for myself with my idiocy) and taking control of my life.

I signed up for Weight Watchers again today and I'm going to stick to that and lose the 20 lbs I gained since I got back from Florida. I had been at my goal weight and I let it all go to crap and that makes me very disappointed in myself.

In somewhat happy news, I got the TIVO working, and I'll have to blog about that later. Its a doozy. That ends well, so I can at least be happy.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We are now entering what has to be the most depressing holiday season ever because I don't have Marc to share it with, nor my own family. BUT I WILL NOT LET IT GET ME DOWN!


Anonymous said...

It's always fun when you get back into a motivating period; it gives you something to work towards. Holidays suck when you're single, but we'll get through them!

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of luck in taking control of your life. I'm assuming you just got out of a breakup and it's always nice to clean up and reinvent yourself after a relationship. I find it empowering, a sort of 'fuck you' to the ex. Stay strong!