Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Dell Letter

Dear Jose,
You were nothing short of charming with your requests for me to "do you a favor" and do a specific task on my computer. In fact, in many countries, I think that you and I would be married because we spoke on the phone for 2 1/2 hours! I know all about your country (El Salvador) and how it is roughly the size of New Hampshire. You have also inquired as to where I reside, and I explained that it was Maryland and then you began asking me questions about Washington D.C. and the security in the area. I briefly explained that there was plenty of security and sort of worried a little in the back of my mind about such a question, but decided that this 21 year old Dell technical support gentleman (who I can only assume was wildly hunky because otherwise this wouldn't be of any value) was of no threat to our Capitol. Thanks again sweetie!


We tried so many different fixes for my internet connectivity issue. Earlier in the day I had installed the Sims 2 with the hopes of maybe living out my relationships vicariously through animation, but alas, we promptly restored my computer to its original settings, thereby wasting an hour that I had already wasted when I should have been cleaning. We did everything short of a rain dance (well I guess I did a rain dance because its pouring here because of Ernesto) to get the Internet to work, but it never did. So I am expected to sit at home tonight beginning at 5 pm waiting for them to call back and walk me through the reinstallation of Windows XP. Yes, of course I know how to do this, but they've said that they want to walk me through it so its all in the right order. Whatever. The last fix is that they are sending me a new motherboard. Isn't this grand? Brand spanking new computer... can't even use it.

Oh, but that's not all boys and girls. I got food poisioning yesterday from some Thai soup that I had (Pho) as did my co-worker and my friend Bill (who was dining near us eating the same thing), and spent the afternoon sick, although I'm working on a project with a pretty tight deadline (not so tight that I'm not writing this). Then, my dryer sort of burned up when I got home. It runs really really hot, so hot that I can't touch the clothes when they come out of it, and I had to unplug it last night because it smelled like fire and burned some stuff. So I get to call my sweet landlady today and cry to her over the dryer. To top it all off, I'm having a party tomorrow that involves a lot of outdoor time and its pouring rain and not expected to stop. Woo hoo. I'm sorry for all the whining, but I just can't believe my fortune. Like Stephen Covey says though "carry your own weather". Why am I carrying a crap storm?


Sarah said...

Well, the crabs will still be there so long as you guys don't mind sitting out in the rain! Sorry for the crappy weather, but yay for getting the computer fixed!

Patty said...

NO SIMS KATE! NO SIMS! I swear to all that's holy if I find SIMS there when I'm there, there will be a reckoning!