Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleeping Beauty & the Colts

That's right, I'm calling myself a beauty. Let the sickie have some vanity, ok? Yesterday I spent the entire day on my couch. I slept the whole day, with the exception of a few minutes of phone calls that came in during my slumber. I think I managed to sleep about 19 hours yesterday, and I'm feeling a little bit better today, though I still have all the cold symptoms, but I'm going to take it easy this week. I was just a social butterfly last week and I think that's why I got sick in the first place. I need my rest!

I'm also in need of some positive thinking. I need some good wishes and praying that I get the opportunity to do my current job in California. At the very least, it will be for 3 months, but it may turn into a permenant position. I was very worried that I was "running away from my problems" by going to California, but now I'm starting to think it just might be the best thing. I love my job, but if I can do it in another location that may be best. Wish me luck, I should find out more this week. Regardless of this job opportunity, I'll still be in San Diego from January-March, so at least I'll get away for a little while.

Hooray for my friend Lindsay and her husband Dan. Dan returned from Iraq on Saturday, safe and sound! Lindsay sent me some pictures from the Homecoming and I cried like a little baby. It was so nice to see those brave men and women returning to their families, the look of love and happiness in their eyes. I'm tearing up again! So thank you to Dan, Lindsay and Draigan, and all the military families that are sacrificing for our freedoms!

A little more football news! GO COLTS!!!!
My boys are doing well this year and it makes me happy. They managed to win even though I wasn't watching the game nor wearing a jersey, so I can finally accept that what I am wearing, doing or thinking, has no bearing on my team. Thank goodness because that stressed me out a lot. Its kind of hard to keep loving the Colts. It reminds me so much of happy and fun times with Marc and it makes me sad. I mean, I got engaged at a Colts game and its very hard not to think of that when I watch our boys in blue. Oh well, it can remain a happy memory and I can continue to enjoy them...but still.


Sarah said...

Glad you're starting to feel a little better! I was going to ask you for sushi on Friday, but if you're taking the week off from social events, I'll understand!