Thursday, September 28, 2006

CR-V Woes: What do I crave?

Do I crave my old (2005) CR-V, with its grocery-getter styling?

Or the new (2007) CR-V, with its desire to look like the Acura RDX?

Honestly? Neither. I only got a little SUV because Marc and I had planned on having children next year and I figured I'd get it when my lease ran out on my old car. Well, what is the point of having it now? (There is a pretty good argument that I didn't need it then, but it has hauled an awful lot of things that our other car wouldn't have been able to handle.) I've made the decision that if I move to California for good I will be buying a much more economical vehicle, most likely the Honda Civic, as that is what I (as well as Marc) wanted in the first place. It doesn't hurt that my car has been acting crazy since I first got it, and recently the water pump went out and I need to get that fixed (luckily its under warranty). So enough complaining. I do love my car, I do love the Hondas, and in general, I've been nothing but happy. But I do crave the new styling. Its pretty sweet.


Missy said...

The lease on my little crappy car is up in December, and I definitely want something a bit bigger (since I will then have 2 kids). I like both of these cars.