Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"There's not a whole lot of ways this can go right."

**of course I have pictures to add. And of course blogger isn't being agreeable**

Last night I had the pleasure of viewing the film Jackass: Number Two. First we can all laugh at the clever way they involved toilet humor in the title itself. They know no bounds. Let me first explain that I was told that a “big group of us go to movies on Tuesday, we’d love to have you join us”. This group was supposed to include a lot of gals, and a lot of people that went to Purdue. Can you guess that the only ones in attendance were myself and four guys? I asked the one “I thought your girlfriend was coming?” He replied, “she wouldn’t see this movie, even for me!” So I was stuck. And by stuck I mean, having a great time, because I love the Jackass movies. It may stem from my undying love for Johnny Knoxville, or the fact that I like watching people hurt themselves for money. Lots of money. Jackass Number Two grossed $28.1 million in its first weekend. That’s pretty good for a bunch of guys that probably can’t even get insured.

I'd also like to note that although I have had far too many drinks on several occasions in my life, I have never been drunk enough to do any of the stuff they do. Which leads me to believe the obvious, that they are under the influence of drugs way stronger than alcohol. Their pain thresholds never cease to amaze me...and make me wish that I had maybe a quarter of that skill so I could handle things like "hammer to the thumb" and the like.

I don't want to share too much about the movie as some may want to be surprised by the idiocy they cracked open for this one. I will say that I laughed fairly heartily at a some of the Spike Jonze stuff, and I was disappointed that there was less of "Party Boy" Chris Pontius, who is one of my favorites. Of course Tony Hawk showed up, for a pretty good stunt with a gauntlet, and Luke Wilson made an appearance in the credits.

When I first started watching Jackass, I felt really bad for Bam Margera’s parents, Phil and April. I don’t feel bad for them at all. Their son is making BANK and they are surely being compensated and well cared for in all of this. I also used to find Jackass highly offensive, as they are often doing penis-related activities. Not so offensive to me anymore. I realized that they aren’t hurting anyone (except themselves) and that people can choose to watch the programs. I don’t ever watch the tv show anymore, but I’ll say it was pretty enjoyable and whenever I hear the twang of the Jackass theme, I just have to smile. And wince.

**I'd also like to note that I was talking to Marc about his visit to Salt Lake City with our friend Jamie, and he said they watched a movie called The Dudesons, which is akin to Jackass, and it actually came out first. Apparently the Jackass guys are in the movie, as is the Bloodhound Gang, which pleases me greatly. I'll have to get this movie. Maybe when Patty is in town, as she is the one who got me interested in Jackass in the first place. In fact, the last time we were in Maryland together we watched Jackass, so maybe it will be a tradition. Maybe**


Sarah said...

I got *way* too much enjoyment out of the first Jackass movie, and have a feeling I'll enjoy the second, as well.
I'm so ashamed. ;-)