Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Wild and Wonderful Weekend

I've been censoring this blog for awhile, but decided, what is the point anymore?

The weather here has been nuts. I just got home from a weekend away simply b/c I didn't have electricity until about an hour ago. I lost hundreds of dollars worth of lean cuisine in my chest ferezer because the power has been out for two whole days. I had to cancel my crabbin' party because I didn't have water for the toilets nor the ability to light my stove (apparently gas doesn't work without power) to cook the crabs. But that didn't stop me from having a great weekend filled with fantastic friends (and finding out whom my real friends are.)

Friday night I went over to Lainie and Jose's and had a blast playing pool and hanging out in their bathtub (long, long story) We had a great time, though I'm sure Lainie was getting peeved that I was on her team for pool because I am so terrible. I ended up staying the night there as I had no electricity and I enjoy showering at my leisure.

On Saturday I came home from Lainie's, realized I didn't have power and called all the gals to uninvite them to my crabbin' party. When I called my friend Robyn she said that I should stay over there, so I spent the day with her and her sweet husband Andrew watching movies (The Hills Have Eyes) and eating the food that I had planned to make for the party. Then we came back to my house and went crabbin' with their friend Ben, who I just love, and Andrew and I drank too many beers and Robyn and Ben drove us back to their house, where we watched Notre Dame (BOO) play Georgia Tech and I discovered on the NFL channel that my boyfriend Mike Vanderjagt is screwing up for Dallas like he screwed up for the Colts (though I still love him dearly)

Today the Warners and I went to a couple of parties and watched a ton of Food Network but then I came home because I figured the girls probably missed me. Luckily I had power when I got back and I'm now writing this fairly random post in my tipsiness from the party. I did meet my future husband at the party...well, maybe. This very funny redneck guy (I'm talking Larry the Cable Guy) was like "how is a cute girl like you not married?" (if he only knew) I said something unintelligable and he said "Well, we'll get ourselves hitched in no time". Lucky me, eh?

I also learned a valuable lesson about friendship this weekend. Now I can move on. Thank you for that gift.

Tomorrow I may go crabbin' or "Kanayaking" with Ben and the Warners. It should be a great time.


Sarah said...

I wanted to call you this weekend, but in addition to losing power until Sunday night, I also managed to kill my cell phone (it's NOT okay to leave one's cell phone out in a parking lot all night long during a tropical storm). So, alas, no Kate time. :-( When you have a chance, send me your digits again. I heard the new Japanese place is open...
Glad you had a wild and wonderful weekend!

drqshadow said...
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drqshadow said...

Your unending love affairs with various roaming Maryland Cable Men continue! I capitalized all three words in "Maryland Cable Men" because the union will have my head if I don't.

Kate said...

My weekend did kind of suck. I pretend that it was ok, but it was really quite terrible. I had a great time with friends...but that's about it.