Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Carmen Electra and 3 inch heels

Not surprisingly, those two things are related. On our rest day, which is Monday, Marc and I decided to do a workout tape here at home. Carmen Electra has her Striptease workouts, which are actually pretty fun, and although most are dancing, one of them is this nice "Fit to Strip" video which has some good Core exercises. Well, Marc and I did the exercises, but on Tuesday I felt like heck when I got up. My inner thigh was really tight and I had a sore spot on my back (I've done the tape before and did not get these results) So whatever. I got dressed in my pretty sweater and khakis and put on my nice new boots from DSW. They have a 3 inch heel, which makes me really tall, but I like them and they are nice. Well they hurt all day. Usually not so badly, but my foot was moving around in them and I built up some nice little blisters in the center of my feet. So badly that I took the shoes off to walk to the car in 30 degree weather. So I get home and change into my workout close. I'm not feeling so hot because of my feet, but we have a 3 mile run ahead of. We get to the drill hall, we start running and 10 seconds in I want to die. My feet were on FIRE. My back was killing me, my inner thigh throbbing! I tried to keep running and I ran/walked for 25 minutes, but I thought I was going to die. All of a sudden I felt the urge to vomit and had to hobble-run to the restroom where I lost my cookies (I don't eat cookies but I was trying to be classy). It was awful. I was then in horrible heartburn like pain as I went back to Marc who had successfully completed his distance. I made it like 1.8 miles and couldn't do it anymore, so we packed up and went home. Today I woke up and my legs are super tight and my bum bum is really sore and my back feels worse. Several people made "too much sex" comments at work because of my highly awkward gait, but don't worry, not an issue! I'm sitting here taking a break from packing for our trips home these next 11 days and my thighs are killing me from my short jaunts up and down the stairs. That damn Carmen Electra and those damned boots!

I am not sure how Marc and I are going to workout for the holiday. Most of the places are going have treadmills, but we are also not looking to be too anti social. We're going to cold weather places (Indiana and Michigan) so it will probably be too cold there to run, though we may be able to run outside in North Carolina. We're bringing workout clothes but we make no promises. I'll tell you what I'm not doing; that stupid Fit to Strip video, though I highly recommend it, it just rubbed me the wrong way this time.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!