Saturday, December 17, 2005

A 4 Mile Run, A 4 Mile Run

After typing that I realized that it was actually a 3 mile tour for Gilligan's Island, but if anyone dares to judge me then I will shun you from my inner circle :-)

Marc and I ran the 4 miles required for our training today. Marc ran it straight through, I had a little trouble, but stopped in 30 second spurts for a total of 2 minutes, so it wasn't really that bad for me either. I just get so overheated when I run and I think that the drill hall really likes to keep it warm enough for the workers there, not taking into consideration that others are sweating A LOT. Well, at least I am.

I also discovered that I really need to find some new running shorts and perhaps new running undies (and a bra for that matter). Not that anyone really cares, but after sweating for so long I just become a "swampy" mess and its really quite uncomfortable. I feel like I need a diaper change after mile 3. I also came home and stripped down from my shower and realized that I had two nice little abrasions where my underwire from my sports bra was rubbing. Here, 8 hours later it still hurts, so I need to get a new sports bra as well. I'm not sure if anyone has any suggestions on a sports bra or workout shorts/undies. I have the nice shorts that have the little "built in" dri-weave briefs, but I'm pretty sure I need something on under that. I don't want to run commando. As for the bra, I guess Oprah had some bra on there for big breasted women, so I need to do a search for that. Currently I wear the underwire and a compression and I don't know what's going to hold me in. Ok, enough icky stuff.

Tonight Marc and I are hosting a Christmas party. It should be really nice. We've got all sorts of yummy snacks lined up and others are going to bring snacks to share. Our kitties are mad because they have to stay in my office, otherwise they eat all the food and stare at all the guests who are allergic to cats (as if they know somehow). We do a white elephant gift exchange too and Marc and I bought silly gifts. We gave a pillow that was given to us last year (sort of the joke gift from three years ago) and a funny Peter Griffin dressed in drag toy. The other gift was the Holiday Pack from Jones Soda that has icky flavors like "turkey and gravy", "brussel sprouts" and some other sick stuff. Hopefully that will go over well.

Well, off to party like a rock star. (Yeah, like a 60 year old "light rock" star)