Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wednesday Wednesday

Ah, I thought I'd go with a theme for the week.

So Monday, I lazied out of my run. I was dressed for the run and everything but when Marc finished on the treadmill (We didn't go to the drill hall b/c the weather was kind of nasty) I got on, ran for about 3 minutes and realized that I really didn't want to run, so I stopped. I hate running when I'm not in the mood for it ( I mean really not in the mood for it) because I don't want to make it a chore, I want it to be something I find enjoyable and relaxing.

Yesterday we went to the drill hall and ran on the treadmills. I had an awful run. It was so much warmer in there than it has been in ages and I thought I would die. I only made it for like 20 minutes, which sucked for me. I really had to use the restroom and had cramps, so I figured I would let myself off easy and not feel too guilty. Marc and I both felt really drained and just went home and ate ourselves out of house and home. We've both been really hungry lately, I mean, hunger pangs and all, and can't seem to satisify it. Wonder if that's a weather thing or what.

We signed up yesterday for the Lower Cheasapeake Marathon on March 12, 2006. We're both pretty terrified about it. We are going to do it as a relay, where the first person runs 14 miles and the second person runs 11.2 miles. Its really strange that they don't split it up into two half marathons, but I can't make them change it. Our team name is PC Load Letter (from Office Space) and we figured we'd make shirts with that on the front and "What the %#* does that mean?" on the back. Stupid humor I know, but still. Now the training must begin and we are scared!!! Again, not looking for any special time, just need the experience, and the price was only $50 for both of us to run, which is better than most 5ks!

We intend on running tonight. I have a work office party this afternoon (yeah for time off work) and then I'm going to come home and wait for Marc so we can go to the drill hall. We need to start following our plan and we're using Hal Higdon's Running Plan. Hopefully we can do this!


Sarah said...

Hang in there--motivation is definitely hard to come by some weeks! That's SO cool about the marathon--can't wait to hear updates about the training! When does your training program begin?