Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Monday

I am going to be much better about updating. I didn't realize that people still cared, made me feel good!

I had a good weekend. I was social and met some new people (which I hate doing) on Friday, and I also finished almost all of my Christmas shopping (just need to get my stepsister a gift and its all planned out).

As for running. Marc tried to get me to run on Saturday morning. I said I'd rather run in the evening and he patiently waited until about 5 o'clock for me. We drove to the drill hall to find out that although it closes at 6, they had closed up shop early. So we drove home and Marc graciously let me run first downstairs (he was being super nice on Saturday despite my bitchiness). I had a great run. I didn't get very fatigued, but I did get a little overheated, despite the 30 degree air I had blowing in the basement windows. I felt pretty good and ran about 3 miles, which is about my best at this point. I know I suck, but I just keep trying and I know it will be better with time! I do have faith in my self.

Sunday we woke up and ate breakfast and then went to the drill hall at about 11. I was pooped from the run the night before, and still sore from the machines I did on Thursday. My hips have really been hurting. I had a sucky run, chock full of side stitches and heavy breathing. I ran about 2.5 miles, but it wasn't pretty. I think that I am not a good morning runner. My body isn't all stretched out yet and my mind is still a little tired. I also think that since it had only been 15 hours since my last run and I was really sore from my weight lifting that I didn't perform my best. Every 24 hours is way better for me!

I'm going to run tonight despite my nasty cramps. Sometimes they go away with exercise, sometimes they are worse. We'll see tonight!

I'm also getting pretty excited about Christmas. Our tree is all decorated, the presents are pretty much filling the entire living room (not for us, for our 20 family members we have to purchase for, 4 of which are mine!) so the house is pretty messy. I used to hate the holidays but now I love them. Its great having Marc to share them with!