Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Friday

Of course I kept up with my lame theme...did anyone expect otherwise?

Ugh, I'm getting a little stressed out about our relay run. We realized that we have 13 weeks to train a 12 week program, great right? Nope, because one of those weeks is Christmas. We're just going to try our best. I know that I will have to walk during the run, I just know myself and my body. It stresses me out because I don't want to let Marc down. He runs so much better than I do, and it makes me feel bad because I am the weakest link on our team. Oh well, all I can do is try, and to push myself I took the longer distance, so its going to be quite a feat.

I ran again on Wednesday night and it was ok. It was pretty warm in the drill hall and my body was just tired. Did some weight machines as well and my legs just feel tight. I think I might take today off from running and do my yoga dvd or my Carmen Electra Fit to Strip dvd...which is actually a surprisingly good workout. My muscles have just been so tight and running has been hard. I ran yesterday too, which went ok. I had to stop twice, once to pee and once because my legs hurt. I think I need a break from the running because I should be able to get through a 25 minute run without much trouble. I won't be running tomorrow for sure since we are going to Williamsburg again with some friends (free tickets from our first trip there) so we'll get some walking done there. Sunday I'm going to push myself and make an effort to go as far as I can without dying, and I'd like that to be 3.5 miles. That would make me happy.

I just feel like training for this half marathon is a set up for failure...I'm trying to remember that we wanted to do it for practice, but I always set such high expectations for myself!