Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You Say Its My Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday and I had a great time with Lindsay and Draigan. We drove to L.A. for the day and experienced a fun day of L.A. shopping. I didn't like it there-it was dirty. It was like "yucky San Diego" to me. I had fun and definitely liked a little retail therapy, but the people were sort of rude, the streets were dirty and frankly, the beach was the scariest I'd been to. I told Linds that I was a beach snob now because the beaches I went to in Florida were just beautiful white sand-not dirty dirty like the ones in Santa Monica.

All in all I had a great time. Draigan was hilarious at the beach, I can't even describe in words how funny he was. I also got birthday calls and then cards sent to Lindsay's house and those were all sweet and wonderful and much appreciated. Its so great to have friends!!

Well, Lindsay is getting a haircut today and I'm getting a manicure. I was orginially going to get a pedicure too, but since I'm starting the marathon training I'm pretty sure it will get ruined in the first long run (Saturday) so I'm not going to waste the money. Here's to 4 months of crappy toes!!


Sarah said...

From experience, I think it's best to get a pedicure now BEFORE the toenails get ruined. Otherwise, you'll be waiting forever for a pedicure! :-) Happy belated birthday!