Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank you

Thanks to all who have left comments. I will say, the only thing about your words that hurts is that NO ONE could leave well wishing comments on our other blog except for Karen and Tina. That makes me really sad and at the time Marc and I discussed that we didn't have a lot of support. He definitely has support now.

As for the comments left. They are much appreciated. I realize that this is a horrible situation and I don't know how else to work through it. Decrees have been made by our family on how to handle it, but those people can't do it for us. I haven't been home, with the exception of three nights, since Good Friday, and I haven't had the chance to speak privatly to Marc. Everyone thinks they know what happened-rumors fly, my words are interpreted, etc. Its a horrible situation and I'm sorry that my blog has become the new public forum. I was surprised to find that anyone reads it in the first place (I think you can understand that surprise!) and I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.

This is obviously a horrible situation and I would have liked to keep it private-I made a lot of mistakes and to those who think Marc never did, you are wrong...but that didn't warrant my behavior, and I've recognized that.

This site will continue to run. As I'm starting my marathon training next week (it should be this week but its much too hot in the desert) I will focus the site on running-as it had always been. I will not change this address as it is to my liking.

Thank you Paul, for the only comment that I could actually understand and relate to. Your words sting, but the truth is out there and the showboating nil.


Chantelle said...

Hey...I just read everything...I just wanted to let you know that you have my total support, and always will...I was going to comment on that other post, but I was kind of in shock after reading the other comments...

I would like it if you continued your blog how it is...I enjoy reading about what's going on with you (well, not so much about the bad stuff, but I'm sure you know what I mean). But however you choose to continue is all right with me.

Hang in there!!!