Thursday, June 29, 2006

Everyone Loves My Posts So Much

I think I may have the most popular blog on the internet.

I've spent the morning reading a pretty unexciting book. The Rescue, by Nicholas Sparks. His books follow such a form, but I think we all love a little sappy, romantic book every once and awhile. The only thing about this book that is driving me bonkers is that there is a character with a speech problem-well, what he does is write what the person says "I love you" and then in parenthesis he writes (ee wuv ooo) which is driving me crazy. Absolutly crazy!!!

I think we are going to go to the pool today after Draigan's nap. That should be fun. I like going to the kid's pool, though it makes me rather melancholy about the life Marc and I had planned together.


Chantelle said...

Aaron has had hearing problems since he was 4. He got hearing aids back in November. It's just a mild hearing loss, but the hearing aids help him in the classroom. I thought I had mentioned it in my blog before, but I am so used to him having them that they're just a part of everyday life!

Patty said...

Kate! That turns out to be a pretty good book, not his best, but good nonetheless. Who doesn't love firefighters? Did I tell you that I was at a stop light oogling firemen? Oh yeah, if I had been Cindy I would have been embarrassed. I'm pretty sure if they weren't firemen I wouldn't have even turned my head. SCARY!

Sarah said...

Nicholas Sparks is one of my guilty pleasures. I typically try to avoid those types of books, but sometimes you have to indulge, and when I want to indulge it's either Message in a Bottle or Bridges of Madison County. :-)