Thursday, July 03, 2008

Feeling Less than Wonderful These Days

I know that I have put on weight. I realize that all the hard work I've done is thrown in the trash (or in my mouth) and that I have a lot of work ahead of me b/c I really do want to live a healthy lifestyle. I do. I don't know what happens when I put all this food in my mouth and sit on my ass (though I do exercise a fair amount, I seem to still stuff my face)

So here's the picture that make me realize I'm fat all over again. I will admit, that the pants are a size too big so that helps add girth, but who added my huge belly? Oh wait, me!
I hate being fat. I like to exercise, and will continue my exercise class and swimming in the morning, and hopefully running once we figure out what's wrong with my knee.


Anonymous said...

I really hate it when you call yourself a "fat ass". I'd kill to look like you.

Missy said...

I feel your pain. I can't help it, I love to eat and my yo-yo dieting does not do any good.
Blah. That's how I feel.

Stephany said...

I'm so tired of dieting but I have no choice. I saw a picture of me the other day and oh my dear god, how did I let myself get like this - I'm disgusted with myself, I mean 100% disgusted. I hate it. I'm angry at myself more than anything.

And I would kill to look like you skinny minny kate!