Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am writing this post b/c it seems I'm saying goodbye to XM. It's been a nice journey, between two cars, an entire continent, and with many friends to enjoy the pleasures of it's musical bounty. Alas, I've decided that I don't want it anymore, and I certainly don't want to still be under Marc's contract, which I am b/c we'd signed up for several years. So after this month's 30 Days of Coldplay, which I am thoroughly enjoying, I will say goodbye. But I wanted to make a post on TuneSelect, which I had expected to be a great feature of XM, only to find out on my receiver that it wasn't great. BTW, if you have XM, check out Channel 51 for 2 more weeks to enjoy the soulful, girlish crooning of Chris Martin and Coldplay.

TuneSelect is a great idea. It allows the XM user to select 20 artists on their XM, and when there is a song playing on any of the XM stations, your receiver will beep and you can enjoy songs from the artists you selected. Well, that’s how Tuneselect is supposed to work. When Marc got me my XM receiver eons ago, it said it has TuneSelect. It did, but not in the way anyone would want it. It allows only 20 songs. That is ridiculous! There are a least 20 U2 songs I’d like to hear all the time (buy the cd you say? shut your mouth, i say) so this is a worthless feature. But I thought I’d share with you the 14 songs that are currently on my TuneSelect. I keep accidentally deleting them all and starting over, so this is my current list. My first song ever on TuneSelect: Drive – Incubus.

Here goes:

Down Under – Men at Work
Last Nite – The Strokes
Pork + Beans* – Weezer
Wanna Be a Cowboy – Boys Don’t Cry
Get Low** – Lil’ Jon
Soldiers of Misfortune – Filter
I’ll Be There – Escape Club
Viva la Vida – Coldplay
P.Y.T. – Michael Jackson
Human Nature – Michael Jackson
Unforgettable Fire – U2
One – Metallica
She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult
Jamming – Bob Marley

* My XM receiver shows the & as a + sign. For songs I know, no big deal. I’m like “oh, it’s Pork and Beans, not Pork plus Beans”. I did not, however, know the song “You Plus Your Hand” by Pink or “You Plus Me” by Lifehouse. I understand now. (“Keep your drink just give me the money, it’s just you plus your hand tonight”)

** I had no idea what this song meant, but when I was looking up the artist (could not remember Lil’ Jon’s name no matter how many times I sang Usher’s “Yeah” to myself where he keeps yelling out his name. It was like a silent scream.) on Google, I found the lyrics on Urban Dictionary and they described what “from the window to the wall” meant. And it ain’t pretty. Sadly, I already knew what skeet meant, and that sure ain’t pretty either.


Missy said...

I wanted to reply about your comment from the group picture at the reunion -

The guy in front holding a beer is Adam Hamilton. On the stairs in back is Chris V. The two guys on the left side are Luke Vandenberg and Doug Murrey. The guys in the back are Wade P, Doug Prudden (orange shirt) and Kurt Wagner.
In the middle, I think you know everyone - Chantelle, Nikki, Becky, Kelly Noteboom, Kate Bambacht, Mandy Knickerbocker, me, Kelly Adams, Janelle Sheridan.

That is everyone who showed up - pitiful. It was kinda disappointing, but I think we had fun anyway. You should have come - no one would have cared that you didn't graduate with us!