Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's Hot, Sticky Sweet

Actually, it's not sweet. It's just hot and sticky, but as a Def Leppard fan I sort of have to shout out there, you know? I have a couple of posts that I'm working on, but my blogger at work doesn't let me add links or pictures so they would be really worthless without those things. So I'll just give you my usual diatribe of ranting and raving. I'll try not to rant too much.

Some things on my mind...

- I actually like the new Madonna cd, Hard Candy. George gave it to me and I think it's really upbeat and fun and I have to stop myself from dancing in my car b/c pretty much everyone on the road out there is a coworker of mine.

- I'm working really hard on not worrying too much. My first big test is that Mircea is going to his step-brother's bachelor party and they are going fishing all day (i'm calm about this) and then driving up to Baltimore to go to a strip club. I don't like that one bit. NOT ONE BIT, but the part that really bothers me is that they are going to get a hotel up there too. I've seen Very Bad Things (shout out to Sarah) but mostly I just feel so insecure about my body that I really don't need to be compared to MORE women. Argh.

- I'm supposed to go the bachelorette party, however, I'm not too keen on this either. One, I'm not a big party girl, and this partying isn't starting until like 11 pm. I'll die. I'll fall asleep on my feet, I'm an old woman now. Two, I only know the bride, and although I met some of her friends at the bridal shower, I'm just not so sure. Three, what the heck do you wear to a real club? I'm a bit too heavy for my "guy getting pants" and frankly, at "clubs" around here you wear jeans and flipflops and a skanky top (or a clean t-shirt). I'm not sure I'm going to go, but if Mircea and I can get things right, this would be my (step) sister in law. I know I'll just be at home worrying, but at the same time, I don't really want to get all pissy drunk, throw up, and dance around with a bunch of people I don't know while I wear clothes that make me totally self conscious. What to do?

- I'm taking Yukie boy to the vet on Friday. I'm very nervous about it because I think he has heartworm. Or diabetes. He's lost 4 lbs since December and that really isn't good. He was 18 lbs to begin with, and we didn't put him on a diet, so he's having an issue.

- Gotta run to a meeting. Later!


Sarah said...

I've talked to a few guys about strip club issues, and they assure me that they're actually rather skeptical of women on the stage dancing. I think it's something they'll do to be crazy, but I don't think Mircea will be comparing you to anyone! (And besides, I hear the strippers in Baltimore are not hot at ALL).
I'd also feel a little strange going to the bachelorette party, but at the same time you don't want to alienate a potential family member. And if you *don't* go, will you just be home all night worried about your boyfriend??

Anonymous said...

You NEED to go!!!