Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Olympic Dreams are up in Smoke

I start physical therapy on my knee next week. I have Chondromalacia of the Patella or Runner's Knee. Ok, the link says it's easy, I'll be ok soon, just ice. Yeah, I've been doing that for years. But whatever. My doctor understood how badly I'd like to get back to running so I'm going to the physical therapy and hopefully it will help. I'm not allowed to run so that sort of messes with my training for the Army 10-miler and the Marine Corps 10k. I'm not giving up on them yet, but the doctor told me that I probably should. So that's my news. I also have a lot of inflammation of the meniscus, but apparently it is not torn but I'm supposed to sort of protect it. That's pretty frustrasting, but I've been enjoying high stepping it on the elliptical. Today I was informed no more high stepping and I'll have to take it easy if I do the elliptical at all.

So here's some pictures to cheer me up. And hopefully make you smile.
My hair is awful on the boat. If I wear it down it will tie in knots that I can't get out for days. When I wear it back, the short hairs friz up around my head. What you are witnessing is the latter. But I'm happy as a clam!


Sarah said...

Sorry your training is all screwed up! :-( Hope the physical therapy helps your knee heal quickly!!

Patty said...

There's always synchronized swimming. :)