Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Birthday Update: Saturday

On Saturday, we continued my awesome birthday weekend with a visit to St. Clements Island. We took the boat out to the island and realized that we were the only ones there and it was just so cool. We had a picnic lunch (of sushi that I'd made earlier-he got salmon and unagi, and I had avocado rolls) and then napped under a tree by the water. Then we noticed our awesome island was no longer ours and some other boats came out. We swam in the water for a little bit and then we were invited to join the opening day of the St. Clements Island lighthouse, which is so new I can't find anything on the web about it. It was pretty neat but the pictures were doing something weird so I only have these. And one that I'll share in another post.

This cross is HUGE...not as big as Mt. Soledad, but still cool. In October there is a pretty cool even on the island too. It's called "the blessing of the fleet" and a priest blesses the boats that come to the river for the blessing. Very cool!


Patty said...

You were indoors taking that picture of the cross weren't you. :) You look great, nice Colts hat there.

Kate said...

I know, we thought we'd get a good angle from up top, but it has our reflection which is weird.

I have some good ones from outside...but it was weird at first looking at those. There's one on the water and you can see the cross and I was like "Jesus it trying to tell me something."

federal vegan (kate) said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

I hope your MRI has good news. One more thing we have in common, I've been having all kinds of scans - CT, MRI, and sulfur-colloid. They all suck a lot, but if they can find out what's wrong then at least you have a chance of getting it fixed.

I'm struggling too with not being able to exercise how I want to because of my health, makes me feel sluggish and gross. Hang in there and maybe we'll both be running like the wind again soon. :)