Friday, July 18, 2008

My Babies: Diabetes Guilt Trip Edition

The babies get special food now and I'll expand on that later. Basically there is a lot of discussion out there about how cats need a lot of taurine in their diet and that wet food is the most appropriate food for felines. Wet food that doesn't have a lot of carbs that is, and not much in the plant department either. Like I said, I'll bore the hell out of everyone with that later.

But here's some not boring adorable pictures of the babies enjoying their wet food. Well, except Lily b/c she'd already finished by the time I started taking the photos.
Before he even ateHead in the dish-didn't notice the shotFernie Digs Deep

Lily celebrating her tasty accomplishment


Sarah said...

Russ and I are uber yuppy cat parents, and we had a big discussion with the adoption agency about what to feed Gadget. They agreed that wet food was better, because dry food is essentially empty calories. We end up getting this organic wet food that they gave her at the shelter; she gets a half a can of that every night, and then in the morning her automatic feeder provides her with a quarter cup of organic kibble. That's my tip: wet food AT NIGHT. Otherwise they'll start waking you up at 3am.

Patty said...

Lily is SO CUTE!!!!!! You know if I could have pets I would have stolen that high maintainence bundle of pure love.