Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On a Serious Note-I'll be Funny Again Soon!

There are natural consequences that accompany every choice we make in life. Some opportunities inevitably pass us by, but we can take advantage of others. Many people feel powerless but this is rarely the case--some opportunities just
require a little thinking outside the box. Today, reflect on the doors you are
opening in your world and which ones are closing. You have the power to create
the life you want if you are willing to set goals and take steps toward them.
Rarely does fulfilling our hopes and dreams happen overnight, but daily you can take one tiny move towards them.

I have a question for my readers. Are you still holding on to baggage from your childhood that you know you need to let go? (Or have you held it and finally let it go?) I'm struggling with a lot of pain and guilt for something I never had control over, and I'm finally realizing that letting it go is the only way to truly love and enjoy my life. I guess I'm asking this because I want to know if I'm "normal" and how to get better at getting through the setbacks in life and appreciating the things I have in this moment. Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!!


Sarah said...

This reminds me of the line in Rent when Mimi sings, "I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine." I think *all* of us hold on to things longer than we should. I didn't hold on to any events perse, but I definitely had some dysfunctional patterns of relating stemming from "issues" in childhood. I just had to accept what happened in the past and accept that certain relationships within my family weren't going to change, and then work on changing my communication patterns. It's a lot of work but it can *totally* be done!

Patty said...

I learned a long time ago (at age 22) that whatever happened in the past is not something I want defining me as an adult. Stuff went down and it was horrible, but I talked it out with the offender and I told her I forgave her. It's not so much the forgivness part, but the releasing. By saying, "hey why am I holding onto this? It's hurting you, hurting me. For what?" It's freeing. You feel lighter.

Some might think it's weak minded, but I disagree. I hear that bible verse, "Forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us." I'm telling you every time I start to hold a grudge against someone who did me wrong(Did you hear a banjo start playing and then it broke out in a southern accent? Maybe it was just me.)I hear it every single time and it makes it impossible to stay angry and keep it.

mm said...

I think its normal. I've let a lot of things go over the years, but I still have some baggage left over. I like to tell myself to feel no guilt and have no regrets, but its a lot of work. The way I see it is all the stuff that happened in the past has made me the person I am today. I kinda like that person.