Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Moment of Truth

I have been looking forward to this show since I saw the first preview. I knew that it would be overly-dramatic, overly-commercialized, and just plain over-the-top. But I also knew that it would be fairly intriguing. Mircea and I (I'm moving out this weekend) watched the show together last night and it was definitely interesting.

The premise of the show is that contestants in the "hot seat" have been previously questioned on a lie detector prior to the show. They are then asked 21 of the 50 questions they were asked before in front of a live audience and win money based on if they tell the truth or not. Seems simple enough, but as this is television, the questions aren't as benign as, "did you have a crush on a teacher when you were younger?"

The questions from last night were interesting. The first guy had questions like "Have you ever flirted with a woman on the internet while married to your wife?" (No-True) "Have you ever taken a peak at another man's privates in the locker room?" (Yes-True) The best part of this is that there are three people sitting across from the contestant that are special to him. The first guy had his wife, and then a male and female friend. If he hadn't flubbed on "Do you ever touch people in inappropriate places while training them?" (no, false) I was pretty sure the question was going to come up "Have you ever had sexual thoughts about your female friend-the one sitting next to your wife?" (By the way he was a personal trainer and said that if he had touched anyone inappropriatly it was by accident.)

All in all the show was pretty interesting. We laughed at a lot of the stuff, and I found it a little silly because there were just long drawn out pauses between the questions, answers, and the odd little mystery computer voice saying "True" or "False" from a far-off dreamy world. If I ever get cable at the cottage (it seems like it will take forever and I'll be stuck coming into work on Friday nights to use the Internet for my class) I think I'll definitely be watching least for a couple of weeks.


Missy said...

Ray and I also watched this last night. The dramatic pauses were killing me. They ask the guy in the "hot seat" a question, and he would pause for 3 minutes to answer. It is yes or no, and you already answered this before..... you answer already!!! ugh!