Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Whine Fest

I wish it was a wine fest! I am in quite a mood today and I just want to share the injustices with you.

  • I got yet another crown yesterday. Making it two in a week and 3 total in my mouth. Ouch! I have temps on both sides of my mouth so I pretty much can't enjoy any food (great for WW) chew gum, floss in the back, or live without fear for my ski trip this weekend.
  • Lily kept me up all night last night with her constant hissing and whining. She is so damned whiney and I know she picked it up from her mommy (hence this post)
  • My new advanced Economics class is already killing me, here in week 2. They started talking math and that is pretty much the time that I shut my ears and eyes and can't focus. Great!
  • My other class is something else too. It's online and we chat for about an hour with my slightly pompous instructor. Know when we chat? That's right folks, 8-9 p.m. EST on Friday nights. I've got WAYYYY better things to be doing on Friday nights, namely having fun and putting the week behind me. Lame, lame, lame!
  • My weightloss is going pretty slow on WW, but I have to keep telling myself that this isn't a race. I'm simply repairing 10 months of trangressing from my old lifestyle and I am not punishing myself or really dieting. Just need to be more active. Which is the last thing I want to be when it's cold and frosty outside.

Ok, I'm done bitching. Hope you all have a good day. And no, I'm not going to cry about the Colts, not now, not yet.


Sarah said...

The Colts still had a pretty impressive year--they'll rebound! I'm impressed by your dedication to your studies; I would SO skip a class that met 8-9 on a Friday night, or maybe get a blackberry or something and try to participate from a local bar.

Missy said...

I am with you on the slow weight loss project. In fact, mine is so slow that I have yet to even blog about it.
And I hate the dentist. You are very brave.

Patty said...

Get the stomach flu, you'll drop weight like mad. Can't eat because well you'll see it in an unpleasant way. Awesome.