Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Halfway Point for Golden Year

2007 has been very transitional year for me. I spent the first three months of it in lovely San Diego, making great friends and enjoying the beautiful weather and sights, but I couldn’t be happier to return to Maryland to spend time with my sweetie and start my real career with the Navy. The New Year marks a halfway point for my “golden year” and I thought I’d start this post with an update on each of my goals.

Gain credibility in my position at work (People actually come to me and ask for my opinion and publish my results in our documents)
Earn the respect of my co-workers and peers (I have received several messages from people saying that I am doing a great job and that my reputation in FMS is stellar. I’ve had several job offers outside of the Fire Scout, but I truly enjoying working with this team.)
Repair relationship with stepmother without being submissive. (Spoke to my parents over Christmas and had some long talks. Hopefully this will lead to a better relationship. Really enjoyed the time I spent with my step-sister)

Things I’m Working On:

Complete graduate school (MBA program) (Will graduate in May)
Begin and maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle. (I’ve been working on the treadmill and planning for races. Still have a long way to go.)
Ease up on myself-I’m only human and I’m bound to not be perfect. In fact, that’s in my description. (Trying to ease up on myself and realize that I can’t just snap my fingers and have my mental and physical health at peak performance.)
Work to the potential I am capable of. (I still am pretty lazy ass at work and in grad school but I’m still doing well. Not working to my full potential in either though.)
Be my authentic and true self. (I’ve started being more honest with myself and others about my opinions. I stopped drinking any alcohol because I felt like I used it as a mask to have fun and I really don’t like how silly I act while under the influence.)

Things I Probably Won’t Complete

Complete the Marine Corps Marathon (I can’t finish this as a 27 year old)
Travel Overseas (If my boss stops spending all our travel money on himself I might get to go.)
Participate in the Patuxent River Mini-Triathlon ( I can’t find a notice about it for next year)