Saturday, January 05, 2008

Let Me Upgrade

Damn Beyonce and her stupid Direct TV commercial that I find myself dancing to.

Thought I'd make some changes to my blog while I watched foosball and tried to drown out Mircea's snoring. I have some other plans for my header photo, but my laptop has no formatting/photo capabilities, and I was way to lazy to get up to my desktop. (My laptop can barely run Windows. It's amazing how technology changes in 4 freakin' years)

Not much going on here. Doing pretty well with Weight Watchers, though I had some cake today that Mircea's mom left here. Had the Flex points for it, but as Mircea pointed out (despite my dagger-stare) I probably should focus on cutting out sweets and its not like I needed it. Thanks sweetie pie.

Cleaned the entire house today, top to bottom, every nook and cranny. I felt pretty good about myself, though my back feels otherwise.

Hope you all are having a nice time. Blog land has been a little quiet lately and I don't care for it. Get posting folks!


chantelle said...

Hey...this looks great! BTW I posted 2 times Thursday and once Friday. I'm not being quiet! :)

Missy said...

I have posted a couple too. We must be the only ones.
I have no idea what a lusbian is. I am feeling confused.

Kate said...

Lusbian=someone from Lusby, MD

Sarah said...

I like the new layout, and the title cracks me up. :-) The whole point of flex points is to *use* them, so indulge every now and then!