Sunday, December 30, 2007


I want the New England Patriots to have an asterisk after their "perfect season" they attained this year. They play great football, I will never dispute that, but their tactics were inappropriate during Spygate (make sure to read how Bill Belichick isn't just cheating on the field). I may think that Bill Belichick is a cocky S.O.B. and a SLOB as well, but that isn't why I hate them. I don't hate them because they are the antithesis of the Indianapolis Colts. I just don't like them because, other than my friends Stephany and Adam (who are transplants) and my friend Eric, I don't like people from New England. Oh, and April, and Carly, and Daniel, and Eric's not your fault you live there and you aren't total jerks. So I don't like people from the Northeast, what do you want from me? On another ramble here, do you know why we all saw that Patriots game on Saturday night? Because John Kerry was so busy whining and crying because people from the Northeast couldn't see the Patriots game. Oh the horrors!! Glad I paid the money for NFL network when the game was free to everyone...

Ok, enough whining about that. Mircea and I had a nice Christmas. I went home to see my parents for the weekend before, and we went to a Wake Forest game and had a really good time. Then I came home and Mircea and I went to one of his family friends' house and enjoyed good food and great company. We're going back there for New Year's Eve, so that should be nice too. I'm running out of ideas of things to bring and appetizers to make though. Any thoughts?

I'll write more about this later, but my gift from Mircea was Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Oh how I love thee.


Stephany said...

email or call me I'll give you the recipe for Buffalo chicken dip aka Crack Chicken Dip if you want it.

oh and eglad you still like Adam and I - we watched the game on NFL Network too - was a fun game that's for sure!

Missy said...

My favorite party snack that I always bring is Cheeseball. I have a dessert one and a regular one and they are both devine. :) Maybe one of these days I will start posting recipe Thursdays again!

Happy New Year!