Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Liked the Weekend So Much I Extended it to Wednesday

While it was nice to have a long weekend, it was also pretty annoying to be feeling sick and pressured in studying for my Econ test (which I'm still not understanding). I did some interesting stuff though and the weekend left me thinking about my relationships with friends and family and where I fall into it all. I didn't spent too long being introspective, but thought a lot about what I want in life. In case anyone gives a damn, here's what I did all weekend.

Friday: Mircea brought a movie over and we ate some yummy chinese food. The movie was Bound by Honor and it was surprisingly fantastic. It really got to me and I dreamed about it for several nights, but I really did enjoy it.

Saturday: Mircea and I took a two hour drive up to Fairfax to eat at Todai, which is a sushi/seafood buffet. It was very good and the price was right, so we gorged ourselves on sushi for our Valentine's lunch. We were going to go to a musuem, but we got confused on our directions, so we drove a total of 4 hours for cheap sushi, but it was a pretty good experience. We'll definitely go there again if we're in the area, but we probably won't make a day of it! We went back to his house and watched The Hand that Rocks the Cradle and he kept saying "wow, this woman (Rebecca DeMornay) really knows how to work it."

Sunday: I met Robyn, Andrew and Ben and we bowled in the afternoon and then met a friend up in Waldorf. It was pretty fun, but the main reason for us meeting the friend was for us to ask him to stop sexually harassing us all the time. He is constantly making sexual jokes (he's on our bowling team) and he seems slightly obsessed with me, calling me at all hours and drukenly telling me how great I am. We'll see if he gets the picture, otherwise, we're quitting bowling. That's sexual harassment and I don't have to take it!

Monday: More sushi with Ben. Watched a lot of Seinfeld. Took Mircea some chicken soup and cough drops because he was sick.

Tuesday: Studied all day for the Econ test, still don't completely get it, but I'll keep trying.

Wednesday: I'm ready to attempt the Econ test and can only hope for the best.

Hope you all had a good weekend! It's almost time for another one!