Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hypochondriac or Immune System Deficiency?

Well folks, after bragging to the world that I haven't been sick in a long time (did not get the Christmas plague that I've enjoyed for about 6 years in a row) I've managed to pick up some sore throat/phlegm disease and feel like crap. I always pick up stuff when people tell me that they have something. I felt fine all day yesterday. FINE. At the end of the day my friend Jenny said "I've got a sore throat, I'm going to make a doctor's appointment". I backed away from her and then on the drive home my throat started to hurt. At the grocery store it was worse, by the time I got home it was on fire. I woke up this morning and it hurt so badly I wanted to cry (but I'm a big girl and I didn't.) How the hell do I get sick so often? Anyone suggests it to me and I'm incapacitated. (first I typed decapitated) Ridiculous.

In other news, I drove by this little house that I saw on the Internet. Its on 3 acres, looks like a cute little house, and has a lot of potential. We'll see how that all turns out.

Also, remember my trip out to California (instead of a wedding.) I have been plagued by dreams of the guy that I spent the day with. To the point of ridiculous. Our friendship ended on this really strange note. That day he'd tried to kiss me goodbye. I said "not today, any day but today" (since it was supposed to be my wedding day.) I talked to him on the phone a couple times and it went really well. And then he was gone. For weeks. No contact. I deleted his phone number b/c I didn't need this. Then he'd email me out of the blue and say he was thinking of me. I'd write back and then not hear from him for weeks. He haunts the hell out of me. He was such a great friend through all that I was going through (I'd met him at my bacheloerette party oddly enough) and I really miss him. Still. Can't forget about him. So yeah, not sure why I'm telling people this, but it is just driving me crazy.

I'm pretty sure this is why I can't forget him...
He's HOT!

I do want to put this disclaimer out here. It's not like I'm wildly in love with this guy, don't care about Mircea (though he's been a FART FACE), but this guy has been bugging the hell out of my psyche for such a long time. It's just too much.


mm said...

A cold works the same as a UTI. You haven't had one for awhile, then you think about or a friend gets one and BAM!
I have a few guys a still think about. The guys that got away. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you run into him again and you're both single, maybe you can persue something.
lol @ the use of "fart face". I have heard that in a long time :)

Stephany said...

The key - I swear - exercise each day - it keeps the immune system up, take a multi vitamin each day and vitamin c pills- vit. c is water solubale so you can take multiple a day. Do that and you will help fight anything!

Patty said...

HA HA! Sean makes a comeback? (As I typed that this popped into my head, "don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years!")

I doth think she has answered her own question about why Sean is on the forfront of the temperol lobe.

I'm eating a mix that I added my own peanuts to and I'm only eating the peanuts because raisins suck. Why did I expend the energy to add the peanuts? I should have just eaten the peanuts. DOH!

Sarah said...

Stress beats the hell out of your immune system; I'm pretty sure I was sick *all* throughout grad school, and now I'm happy and healthy as a clam. I think you just put too much on your shoulders, and your body is sick of it! Don't try to be a martyr--take time off i you need to and pamper yourself.