Monday, February 04, 2008

I'll Take Any Manning Over a Brady

I had a really good time watching the Super Bowl last night. I know I should root for the AFC team, but I'm sick and tired of their smug attitudes. They are good. I enjoy watching the Pats play...but I don't like their attitudes, particularly Junior Seau and Ted Bruschi. I don't love Tom "Hollywood" Brady, but I don't hate him, and sometimes he can be humble, but rarely. Enough about that.

Go Giants! Very good game to watch, totally enjoyable and full of drama. The Giants really did play a great game and held their own. Kudos to them. Great article on the subject.

Main highlights of the Super Bowl:

When the score was 10-7, Mircea and I kept yelling "Defense" against the other team. Because if the game had ended with a 0 and a 7 as the last numbers of the score then we'd have won a cool $1,000. Once the Pats scored we were like "ok, everyone score way more so we can get up to another 0-7 combination". We didn't win money, but at least the Giants won!
Having a really fun night with my sweetie. We went out to our favorite bar/restaurant and watched the game with a couple of his friends that I haven't seen in a long time. It was nice catching up and it was great to have so much fun with Mircea. It has been awhile, but it sure reminded me of the way things used to be!


Patty said...

Man!!!!!!!! I don't know why people weren't seeing what I was seeing. I KNEW the Giants were going to win. Case closed. Betting against them was DUMB. I told Chris this as well. Patriots have too much BAD kharma going against them and it all came collecting last night.

Awesome game! They showed them what's up!

Kate said...

I didn't bet against the Giants. I hate the Patriots and was looking forward to a good game and hoping that my Manning's brother would tcb. And he did!!