Friday, February 29, 2008

An Extra Day

I was sitting here watching a Tivo'd Star Trek Enterprise (do I need to say how much I love Tripp?) when I realized that this is an extra day this year. That extra 24 hours that I've needed for awhile...unfortunately the whole rest of the world didn't stop so I could make good use of these hours, but they are mine (and yours) nonetheless so I've tried to make the best of them. I finished my mid-term for Marketing, I ordered a great meditation cd from Scott Cole, I caught up on some work emails, I played some Wii (at work!) to test out our new AV system at the office, made some sushi, had a glass of yummy Reisling, and snuggled with my little fur-boy. Oh how I love the Yukester! The rest of the evening should be spent with a little more wine, some tv or a movie with Mircea, and some well deserved sleep.

It was a beautiful sunny day here and it made me realize that although a lot of stuff makes me unhappy (usually my own negativity) there is so much wonderful in this world that God gave us. It's the focusing on that good stuff and not dwelling on the bad stuff that's pretty hard to do, but I know I have to do it to stay happy.


Patty said...

You know what I should have done with my extra day? I should have taken over CBS and FORCE them to never air another Big Brother show EVER! The show is ridiculous, the people are even more so.

Here's an operation for them: Operation You Suck