Wednesday, February 13, 2008

30 Cookies in 48 Hours Leads to a lot of Problems

I have an addiction problem. I am not to be trusted around cookies, particularly Girl Scout cookies. Since Monday morning, I have indulged in two, that's right, two full boxes of Samoas cookies. That's a total of 30 cookies. That is a total of, are you ready, 120 grams of fat, in cookies alone. I feel terrible. And not just the mental ramifications of eating that many cookies. Physically, I feel as though I've consumed a lot of waxy, coconuty, fake chocolate pain. My belly is just churning. CHURNING!

This was a valuable lesson. I really need to cut out sweets from my life. I always over indulge and I wonder why I have had a lot of trouble keeping the weight off (not taking into account my new, sedentary lifestyle).

So no more. No more cookies. No more fat, nasty thighs, belly, and rear-end. I've got to take control of this because I'm not happy with myself, certainly not after eating all those cookies. I realize that these items can be enjoyed in moderation, but my brain knows no moderation when it comes to stuffing my face with desserts.

bad cookie, bad
Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend. You have been the one, the one that made me fat!


Stephany said...

Adam gave me 2 boxes of girl scout cookies for my birthday in January - i ate them over 3 weeks - talk about fat!!!

I found some recipes online how to make your own girlscout cookies. But i really need to get better at cutting out the sugars as well - it's just not healthy - let's do that together!

PS I think you totally need to come up to RI for a visit so we can catch up!

Sarah said...

I have also overindulged in samoas. BASTARDS! I'm going to try to run extra long tonight to make up for it...
(because I'm also eating leftover drunken noodles for lunch. THAT'S healthy).