Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photo Essay-An Interesting Journey

I saw this on my friend Chantelle's site and decided that I've got nothing but free time to do this. (Note: if you are using blogger, upload the LAST photo you want on the page first so that they will come up in order...I can tell you from experience that it is a long painful process getting it back up.)

The rules are as follows: Answer the questions by typing in the answer into Google images. Use the first picture that you see in Google image to answer the question. Oh the fun you'll have!

1. Age on your next birthday: It's 28, not 9 green birds.

2. A place you'd like to visit: Japan. Ahh, how I dream of prancing around Japan.

3. Your favorite place: Sweet Home San Diego (where the skies are so blue)

4. Favorite Object: I really enjoy writing in my journal. This is not my journal.

5. Favorite Food: Sushi, because raw food dressed in rice is the best food ever.

6. Favorite animal: Cat. Not this cat, but I think cats are cute. And since I have so many, I guess they are my favorite animal.

7. Favorite Color: Gray. And this picture is pretty cool.

8. City where you were born: Good old Cincy!

9. City where you currently live: Sadly, a photo of a man on the sex offender list is the first photo that came up on this search. Is that funny? Or really, really terrifying?

10. Name of pet: Fernie. And this is a picture of Fernie, BC, a vacation destination that I'd love to take but probably wouldn't appreciate all that much. Since we know how poorly I do at skiing.

11. Name of love: Mircea isn't an easy name to come by. And I don't love this guy. His hair is nuts!

12. Nickname/Screename: I typed in Kateypooh and got a picture from this blog of the stones that Mircea and I put in front of the house.

13. Middle name: Renee. I don't really care for Miss Zellweger. Or however you spell it.

14. Last name: At least it isn't a picture of a clarinet.

15. A bad habit: Teeth grinding. And this is the freaky picture that I got. Oh, I totally get it now!

16. First job: The proud art of detassling corn. My group had a lot more Mexicans in it than this.

17. Dream Job: Playing with puppies and kitties. Isn't this pup cute?

18. Current job: Logistics Analyst for the Navy. Wow, I guess my trend is going up. Whatever that means.

19. Funny picture: HA!

20. Picture that inspires you: Joshua Tree National Park at Night


Missy said...

I am laughing. especially the part about the sex offender guy. and the funny Mircea.

chantelle said...

At least your last name didn't bring up a gun.

This was great! Thanks for participating.

Let's hope Missy finds the time. :)

Lindsay said...

I have a signed copy of that picture of JT- the artist is amazing! I have a couple cards with his work on them I'll send you one.

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Stephany said...

ok i've seen a few other blogs do that now, now I have to partake, that's funny!