Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stepping Closer to the Light at the End of the Tunnel

**I just thought this was a nice sentiment**

Hard times are inevitable--death, financial struggle, family problems, the loss of a job, depression--all of these tough times are just seasons. Abraham Lincoln once said, "This too shall pass," and you can apply it to both the good times and the bad. The thrill of a new relationship won't endure forever, just as the grief of losing a loved one won't either. So endure the hardships of life, knowing that time will eventually heal your wounds and you will make it through. Think about what struggles have occurred in your life and what they taught you. No matter how dim the light at the end of the tunnel seems, it is still a light. Each day is an opportunity for that light of hope to get closer and closer, until eventually the clouds above your head part and you feel the forgotten sunshine on you again. Overcoming pain makes you stronger and better equipped to handle the next valley.


Stephany said...

Oh kate this was beautiful... I needed this tonight, we had some bad news today so I needed that right now.

equestrian9 said...

I totally agree, the crap doesn't last forever. It just seems like it does when you're down. In the meantime I recommend lots of animal therapy and volunteering with an org. It's really true that helping others increases your self worth and just makes you feel so much better. Take care. :)