Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Schnitzel: Its Whats for Dinner

I'm afraid I'm going to put on lots of weight. But I only have two more weeks of good eats before I leave for California, so I guess its not really a concern. I eat like a Queen on travel, but its usually sushi and I also workout like a fiend as I have nothing else to do. Enough about my body distortion, let's talk about food, baby.

Last night the fabulous treat of schnitzel was prepared for me. Let me paint the scene for you. You get some pork cutlets, pound the hell out of them with a mallet, dip them in egg and breadcrumbs with spices and pan fry them up to perfection. Holy crap these are tasty. Served with mashed potatoes and veggies-I was in Heaven. Where has this yummy food been all my life? And the other question is, if it had been here, how fat would I be at this point?

I wonder if some of you are asking "I thought it was called Wiener schnitzel, what gives?" Apparently the Europeans don't all call it that and are slighty offended when we "Americans" call it that because "Why does it always have to be about [private parts] with you two?" when a friend and I both indicated that the first word we thought of with schnitzel was "weiner". So sue us!


Anonymous said...

Man that looks yummy. It reminds me of the food my ex's mom used to make. Pure esctasy! Ok, now I'm hungry.