Monday, December 18, 2006

Alvin, Simon...Theodore!

I had a very Alvin & the Chipmunks moment this morning. I was driving to work and heard Old Time Rock n'Roll, as made famous by Bob Seger. Immediatly I remembered when Alvin and his brothers played that song on a stage in the show. I also recalled how I always thought it was ZZ Top that sang that song until a few years ago, which led me to remember that The Chipmunks also covered a ZZ Top song that I used to sing all the time with my mom.

How funny were those darned Chipmunks? They were always getting into trouble and then once the girls came on the show, they had so many situations that seemed like they weren't, you know, Chipmunks. And why didn't anyone question that this man was taking care of Chipmunks? Who believed that they were real? Who the hell pays money to go to a concert where a bunch of rodents sing? (If anyone says they enjoyed the Showbiz Pizza concerts with Chuck E. Cheese I will give them a high five, but remember, we didn't have to pay for those) Ok, now I'm distracted because I went to the Showbiz Pizza site and rediscovered the Rockafire Explosion, which was probably my favorite record ever when I was a kid. I remember the day I accidently scratched it and I cried and cried to my babysitter that I had ruined it and she kept saying "Its ok, its ok" but it wasn't ok. It's still not ok.

For some reason, this just really creeps me out. I'm pretty sure you can guess all the reasons!


drqshadow said...

I don't think Chuck E. Cheese was ever a part of the Showbiz gang... was he? I specifically remember visiting my grandparents in Pittsburgh and going to a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, thinking "hey, this is a lot like Showbiz Pizza!" But I never recognized the rat. The Cheesy one eventually bought out the Showbiz, but I don't think he ever ran with that crew. Good lord, though, the mom's shirt in that photo is horrifyingly early 80s / late 70s! What was WRONG with people in those days?

Incidentally, the guy who created Chuck E. Cheese was also the guy who created Atari. I know this because I ACTUALLY READ A BOOK ABOUT THE HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES. Do I win the nerd war now?

Kate said...

Oh Sean, clearly you didn't click on the link. Its one of those regional things and I think they combined together. But I may be wrong. Click that link though-it at least somewhat validates my thinking.

Damn I loved that record. Everytime I think about this I get all upset again.

Missy said...

oh, I love the chipmunks. I still have a bunch of old cassette tapes of their songs. Including a couple of Christmas ones. I should get them out....