Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I think it was venison...

I had such a fun night last night on my date with a vampire. He made me some yummy food; shrimp and venison (which I referred to as "surf and field") and a cheesy rice side. It was so good and now I'm officially 100% nervous about cooking for him. I can't think of anything to make that I won't screw up and that's that. If I could buy the food and somehow present it as though I had cooked it, I would do that, but that would also be considered misleading and I'd have to keep up those airs for awhile, and I just don't have the time. Any suggestions would be great!!

Tonight I have some awesome plans. I'm so excited about this. My friend Ben has a ping pong table in his garage and we play beer pong on it. Well its all brusied and broken and a little bit dangerous. We decided to all go in together and buy him a new one, so I picked it up this weekend and we have a plan for this evening. Robyn and I are distracting Ben at Cheeseburger in Paradise for some Happy Hour drinks, while the guys in our group go to Ben's house and set it up in the garage. Then, Robyn and I will go back to Ben's house with him and we'll open the garage door for Beer Pong and voila, the new table will be all set up and the guys will be inside ready to play. I can't wait to see his face!!

Ok, gotta get going. I have a hangar tour to go to at work and I'm sure it will just be a blast!