Friday, May 09, 2008

I Heart Tofu

I've been experimenting with tofu. I'm sort of a mad-scientist in the kitchen with this stuff and I have yet to perfect it. I'm the best sushi rice cooker in the whole world, but tofu still vexes me. "Freeze it, then cook it" my friends say, and when I do that it is all wet and spongy. "Just bake it" they say, and then I burned it and it tasted wrong. Just plain wrong. So I don't know what to do. I got recipes off the internet, followed them to the letter, and mine tastes nothing like they claim their's tastes like. Either I'm a bad cook (which we know isn't likely) or they are a bunch of liars and their tofu is a spongy mess like mind. Ok, so I'm not a great cook.

I am probably having sushi tonight, but I'm not enjoying it like I used to. The guilt factor is so high that I know I'll be weaning myself off of it. I am still going strong elsewhere, but I am not eating as healthfully as I was before, so I sort of need to recommit to the Skinny Bitch. I'm not being a total crazy person, but I had a couple of Atomic Fireballs (sugar) and I had a sip of some soda (when I thought I might dehydrate in the car) and that is just unacceptable.

Best sandwich ever (other than the delicious Lone Star from Jimbos). Smart bacon, avacado and veganaise. Yum yum yum!!!


Stephany said...

Just found another vegan blog for you to check out - some of her stuff looks really good!