Monday, May 26, 2008

At Least It Isn't Lying to Me

I set up the Wii Fit yesterday. The first thing it did was weigh me, and then ask how much my clothes weigh (35 lbs?). No biggie, that is until it made my previously skinny Mii FAT! My Mii barely has a neck, which is total b.s. Big belly? Check. Large thighs? Check. Neck? CHECK. Here is the picture of my Mii.

I'm not sure you can really tell, but believe me, this Mii is a fat ass. It is hard to take a picture of a tv with a camera, but I'm still impressed with how it came out. Back to the review.

Thus far, the Wii Fit is pretty awesome. There are all kinds of fitness games, which I am terrible at, and most of them focus on improving your balance and posture, two things that I definitely need work on. There is also this great "run" workout that you can select, where you run in place, but your Mii is trying to run with another Mii and that is kind of cool. So far I'm terrible with the yoga (my personal trainer last year told me that i was the most stiff atheletic person he knew. well now i'm the stiffest fatty, so i have only deteriorated.) I'll write more reviews as I play more games, but I think this is definetly a great system for kids who like to be indoors (or their parents don't push them to outside activities) and also for people that are scared of a gym. It gets you off your behind and you have a good time with it. Hooray for Wii Fit! Oh yeah, and I'm still going to the gym tomorrow at 5 am because I need to fit in a nice bathing suit for January and Wii Fit isn't going to get me there single handedly!


Sarah said...

LOL--I can't believe they made your Mii fat--that's just cruel! I wonder how accurate their scales are??

Missy said...

I am laughing hysterically. I also now know that if I ever do this I will be lying about my weight. The last thing I need is a fat virtual me.