Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Weekend: Marine Corps Marathon Edition

This weekend I went up to the D.C. to support Marc in the Marine Corps Marathon. He's been training for months and he finally got to see all his hard work pay off on Sunday.

I know he is planning a post on it, and I will link that to my site as soon as it is up. He was having some internet issues yesterday. I have a lot of pictures too, but I'll wait and let him choose those when he's good and ready.

So all in all, he did a great job and it was a long day (even for this spectator). I'm really looking forward to finishing the marathon myself next year. I wish it was already behind me, but I just didn't have the drive or the willpower.

Congratulations Marc!!!!

****My bestest friend Sean got married to his beautiful wife Autumn this weekend on the beach in Florida. I'm so happy for them and wish them well.****


Marc said...

Thanks again for all your help! It was great to have you there.