Thursday, October 12, 2006

Assorted Comments

Today has been an interesting day. I started out the morning with a compliment on my skirt. As I looked down I realized that skirt was inside out. AWESOME! Then I went to a funeral for a co-workers, and it was very emotional. There was a really neat slideshow of him when we walked in and it made me realize how the people that sit and annoy us in meetings are much more than the job they have. This person was so multi-dimensional, and he wasn't just the "Pedro from Tech Data" he was a father, husband, and son to a family who loved him very much. It was really quite moving and reminded me to look at people in a different light.

I also booked a flight to see Lindsay, Dan and Draigan for Thanksgiving. I'm really excited about the trip. We made the decision for me to fly into Las Vegas and we'll have a little visit there, which should be nice. I've never been and the hotel wasn't too pricey, so we'll spend one evening in Vegas as my flight out is fairly early the next day. I'm really excited about helping Lindsay with cooking. If I do say so myself, I've got some mad Thanksgiving cooking skills, and I hope I can show some of them off. Lindsay, we'll have to go over recipes!!


Sarah said...

That's so exciting that you get to go out to Cali for Thanksgiving! I hope you have a blast!