Sunday, October 15, 2006

At first I thought I looked weird in the picture as I pick food off of Robyn's plate. But then I realized that her husband and Vinny (w/hat)...well, they look way worse.

Sunday morning. A great time for chores, at least that's what I always seem to be doing on Sunday mornings. I've been lax in laundry and assorted other chores, and Patty is coming in just a few short days (THURSDAY) and I'm getting the house ready for her white glove treatment. I'm actually hoping she wears black gloves that are stain resistent, because my cottage isn't conducive to being dust, bug or hair free. Its a special place all its own.

Yesterday I went to the Navy-Rutgers game with Robyn, Andrew and their friend Vinny. It was a lot of fun, and as always, they introduced me to some nice people. We all had a good time, tailgating before the game (it was very elaborate-about 100 people and everyone was just as friendly as they could be), and then watching the Midshipmen march into the stadium, where we pegged them with candy and high fives. Robyn and I were having a ball, but then we started laughing at ourselves because the guys all wore badges for when the graduated and let's just say when the hottie who's badge said "2010" said "hey ladies" we felt a little sick to our stomach. Robyn's husband said that the boys were just happy as clams when they got to us, and he had to laugh because they were tripping over themselves. We gave candy to the girls and just high fives to the boys...those boys didn't need any extra attention. Oh, by the way, Rutgers shut out Navy 34-0. Oh well, the F/A-18 flyover was pretty cool...though I pretty much get to see that every day of my life working where I work, but still.

So I should probably get back to more chores. I also need to figure out how to turn on my heat. The thermostat doesn't appear to do too much. This should be fun!