Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Slowing My Roll

I have a friend that always tells me to "slow my roll". I'm taking his advice, especially after my last two weeks of being crazy-busy. I did have a pretty hectic weekend, but it was a great time and I didn't get overwhelmed, so it was worth the middle of the night homework session on Saturday. On Friday I went out for sushi with Sarah, which as always, was a great conversation and left me happy all night. The sushi was pretty good too, but the service was terrible, which made me sad because I really want a great sushi place to go to in this area.

On Saturday I went to a Renaissance Festival, which was way out of my element. First of all, I couldn't give a crap about the time period and I'm also not really into drama. (Real life drama, yes, make believe, no!) This is going to sound catty, but I'm definitely not into overweight women in very tight bodices that usually feature a bare midriff and me vomiting up my mead and turkey leg. It was a sight. I see it from two perspectives. One, I am totally uncomfortable with my body and I really respect that people are willing to be comfortable in those clothes. And yet, I also felt very repulsed by some of the sights that I saw and some of it was just in poor taste. Camel toe is not Renaissance.

On Sunday, Marc and I had a birthday party for our cat, little Fernie. She turned 7 and was very happy that her daddy came over for the occasion. We took lots of pictures, which I will surely post as they are embarassing to both me and the cat. Marc was awesome- he helped me clean up my yard and other outdoor projects and I really appreciated that he went above and beyond. I owe him one-I'm pretty sure it will come in the form of helping him with flower beds at the old house.

As I'm trying to "slow my roll", I kept a low profile yesterday, and just went to the gym for an hour or so and then went home to catch up on grad school homework. Tonight I think I'm going to meet a couple of friends from work after the gym and go out for a beer, as John's wife and baby are out of town and he has "clearance" from her to go out and have fun. I thought that was really funny.

This weekend I am going camping, and I'm pretty pumped about that. I'm going with a bunch of people that I don't know, so that is a little nerve-wracking, but it should be ok. A couple of them went to Purdue, so I'm sure we'll get along swimmingly because (most) Boilermakers are fantastic people!

Not sure why I just gave a "schedule of events" for myself. There's not much going on. I have a ton of grad school work, I'm trying to get time to do some photography (looking into a class) and I'm patietently waiting to hear from work if I get to go to California as early as November 1st. Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

I meant to ask what you thought of the Renaissance Festival! I had a blast getting sushi, too, even if the service DID suck. Next time we'll try the place in Leonardtown; I heard it was great. "Slowing your roll" is a good idea.
This weekend is a PERFECT camping weekend--you'll have a blast!

Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for the transfer. You need to move. :)

Kate said...

Geez, can I guess who anonymous is? I need to move away from the Golden Boy? Is that it? Or do I need to move away from the rest of these douchebags who just want to have sex with me? I need to move to a convent and get away from all these stupid people that waste my time. Golden boy wasted my time too, so don't feel so bad for him.

Anonymous said...

I posted it that way on purpose to see if you would respond. You responded just as I figured. You always think that people think terrible things about you. Contrary to your belief- I am on your side. I really think that living in a new area, around new people, would be an exciting adventure for you. Now is the time- nothing is there to hold you back. Live your life for you Kate, you can do it.
My fingers are crossed for you that everything works out for you.. no matter what you do.

Kate said...

I'm glad that my blog has become a fun place for trickery. If you are so concerned about me, it would be nice if you would share who you are. Its hard not to be defensive when someone doesn't admit whom they are...and typing doesn't really allow for "tone of voice", now does it?

I'm doing fine. I'm not going to run away from my problems. But hopefully I'll get the transfer if its best for my career.

Marc said...

Hi Vicki!