Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This & That

I've been keeping myself fairly busy and haven't been a very good blogger. AMO school is driving me nuts, but I'm doing really well in class so I guess its ok. I just wish it was over so I could go home to Marc and the kitties.

My running is going...well, ok. I've been running every Tuesday with a running club in Pensacola, and I've got just 4 runs left until I get "shirted" which is that I get their shirt and then I wear it to get discounts at the pub that its associated with. I just want that shirt!! I've also been running about 2 times a week on base, but I have plantar faciaitis (I used to be able to spell that right) and I'm not having the best of times with my foot. I got it because I have to walk about a quarter of a mile to class-no big deal, except that I'm doing so in heels, which is giving me the pain. I am now in the market for some slip on tennis shoes. We'll see how that ends up.

Wedding planning is good. I bought my shoes and jewelry this weekend and it excites the heck out of me. I'm ready...heck, I've been ready for years. Still have some nitpicking things to finish up, but I think everything will work out swimmingly.

I had best get going. Class starts in 20 minutes and I haven't brushed my hair yet!